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SEO Audit

This is a fresh perspective from an outside. There is no goal to find cilprits.The emphasis is on finding a solution, not dwelling on the problem
200+ pointsTechnical audit of 200+ checklist items. Identification of growth points prioritized according to the complexity of the application and potential impact on the result. Collaborating with developers for finding the best solution.
Semantic designCreating typical landing pages with focus on semantics: meta tags, heading, and content blocks.
Link strategyForming a link strategy. Niche analysis, analysis of an existing link.

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Complex of SEO-promotion

We constantly focus on the following issues: Where is the money? How does the user go through the conversion chasm? What pain points does the service solve?
We are building a transparent SCRUM process.Trying to blend in with your development and marketing teams. We create the feeling that the Rankup SEO team is your in-house remote team
Strategy development How much money, time, links, pages are needed to achieve the desired results S.M.A.R.T. approach to setting goals Focus on achieving the goal in 6-12 months. We provide forecasts regarding traffic, time, cost of getting to the top of landing pages and query groups
Control and reporting We control the main indicators: money > orders/new clients > leads > traffic > positions of given semantics We track how competitors change, We monitor the technical condition of the site Monitor link building We monitor how we approach the goals from sprint to sprint
We specialize in: SEO for SaaS SEO for E-commerсe  SEO for startups SEO for news portals

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SEO Content

We create unique text content that helps to index your web-site to the searching systems, to promote his positions in an organic search and attract a more having a special purpose traffic.
FOR ALL, WHO CREATES, SUPPORTS AND DEVELOPS WEB-SITES:at a necessity create a requirement specification on text;at a necessity check and complement your requirement specification;write text in obedience to a requirement specification;give to you for placing on a web-site.create a requirement specification on text;at a necessity check and complement your requirement specification;write text;give to you for placing on a web-site.
FOR SEO- of SPECIALISTS : at a necessity create a requirement specification on text; at a necessity check and complement your requirement specification; write text in obedience to a requirement specification; give to you for placing on a web-site.
We successfully create content for the leading Ukrainian companies and стартапів already 10 over, in particular in industries:FinTech, Crypto business, IT, E-commerce, B2B company, Consulting, Info & News Sites.

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Google Ads

Setting up advertising using Google Ads Services is your key to successful online business promotion. In today's digital world, where competition is endless, online advertising has become an undeniable necessity to reach your audience and ensure your brand's growth.
Our service includes:Account setup Selection of semantics (key queries) Development of advertising campaignsSetting up goals in Google Analytics Launch of advertising Weekly optimizationWeekly interim reports Report on the results of the month

How We Work

Why choose us?


Focus on results

Constant communication with our clients, regular niche analysis, and detailed immersion in the business to provide detailed recommendations. Our focus is on identifying the most necessary implementations that can deliver maximum results in the shortest possible time.



Experience in SEO, more than 10 yearsWe are spokespersons for all SEO conferences in UkraineFounded the largest SEO community in Ukraine


A close-knit team is always in touch

Our close-knit team is always in touchWe respond promptly in work chatsWeekly online meetings with the clientClient participation in task planningEstablished processes to ensure smooth workflow. We do not have juniors



● We follow the SCRUM methodology We review the implementation and guide developers We offer only necessary recommendations We save the client's time and money We save the client's time and money



Igor Shulezhko is a frequent speaker at conferences on SEO and Internet marketing.He helps users on the Google forum.The team assists in our chats with SEO, where we already have more than 6 thousand members.We run an educational YouTube channel with SEO “SEO SHMEO”



$2 000


For small sites with big ambitions.

We offer paid services for the purchase of links and texts+ starting at $ 500


$4 000


For customers who want to grow faster than competitors

We offer paid services for the purchase of links and texts+ starting at $1 000


On request


For large and complex projects.
The cost and scope of work are discussed individually.

We dedicate an entire team to the customer's project


Work performed


Corefy.com - increase conversions and traffic

                                     ●  Increase SEO traffic to the site                                     ●  Increase conversions


ilounge.ua - increase in traffic by 24.5 times 

                                     ●  Increase SEO traffic to the site                                     ●  Increasing sales                                     ● Enter the niche of Iphone sales


Questions and answers

  • How does SEO site optimization work?

    SEO site optimization is a series of measures aimed at improving a website's search engine rankings. SEO experts use various techniques, such as keyword analysis, content improvement, adaptation, site structure enhancement, and more. Typically, SEO optimization involves multiple steps to improve a site's search engine visibility and ranking.

  • When can I expect the result?

    Noticeable changes in organic traffic may take 2–3 months. In the first month of our work, we will make a forecast regarding the traffic, time, and cost of bringing your site to the top. To increase traffic, you need high-quality content and relevant links. We will collect the entire semantics and ground it into similar clusters. For each cluster, we will analyze how many competitors have links at the top, what they are, how much they cost, and what the growth dynamics are. Based on this data, we can predict how much time and money it will take to bring all groups of requests to the top or some specific ones.

  • Does the price for your services include link building?

    Quick answer: no
    There are two components to our pricing: the package cost and the expenditure cost for items such as link building, PR, and content.
    During the first month, we have not yet conducted a niche audit, and we do not yet have a clear understanding of the PR required. To keep the place going, we offer a fixed price for the first month that typically amounts to around 30% of the total budget.
    After the first month, we will have a better understanding of which request clusters to prioritize and the number of links, time, and money required to achieve top rankings.
    We will analyze the niche and work with you to define specific goals and priorities. It's essential to define these goals carefully, as the cost of link building for some niches can be significantly higher than our standard service fees.

  • Who are members of the Rankup SEO team?

    Head of SEOStrategy, KPI control, sprint planning, and solving complex tasks.
    PM/Operations ManagerOrganization of work and interaction with the client.
    SEO team leadStrategy, KPI control, sprint planning, task estimation, task execution control, solving complex tasks, and communication with the client.
    Middle SEOKPI control, sprint planning, task estimation, production, and communication with the client.

  • Who needs SEO site promotion?

    The SEO result is always a deferred investment.
    To see significant results from SEO work, it is recommended to prepare a budget for at least 12 months.
    It is possible to see some initial results from SEO work within 2–3 months, but on average, clients should expect to see significant improvements after 9–12 months of continuous SEO efforts.

  • What are the benefits of using Google Ads for my business?

    Google Ads allows you to show your ads to people who are looking for exactly what you offer. You can drive more potential customers to your website and increase your sales.

  • What types of ads are available in Google Ads?

    Google Ads offers various types of advertising, such as search ads, ads on partner sites, YouTube ads, ads in mobile applications, etc.


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