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SEO Content 

We specialize in creating unique textual content that helps search engines index your site, increase its position in organic search and attract even more targeted traffic.We prepare texts for any type of content – from blogs to product pages. Our team of professional and experienced SEO specialists will create Terms of reference (ToR) with the necessary keywords, titles, and meta tags, which will contribute to the SEO optimization of the site, as well as provide value to customers who are looking for your services or products.Not only copywriters work on the text, but also an editor, who ensures the high quality of the content both from the technical and content sides.

Who needs content and when:

Content is one (if not the only) important component of your website or web page. Accordingly, content is the most crucial component of any website or web page, and it's essential for anyone involved in creating, maintaining, or promoting web pages.We understand that many companies do not have in-house copywriters or SEO specialists. Therefore, we offer the following services:  Creation of a template task for the text (Terms of Reference);  Direct writing of the text according to the Terms of Reference, which we can create for you, or you can provide them to us

For SEO specialists:

 creating a Terms of Reference for the text if needed; checking and supplementing your specifications if needed;writing the text according to the technical task; providing the finished text to you for placement on your website.

For everyone who creates, supports and develops websites:

 creating a Terms of Reference for the text; checking and supplementing your specifications if needed; writing the text; providing the finished text to you for placement on your website.

  • – If you already have terms of reference (ToR), then we write the text according to it.

  • – If you have a copywriter but need to write SEO-optimized content, we'll provide you with a copywriter brief.

Periodic updates to your website's content are necessary because user requests change, new keywords are added and previous ones disappear. We can help – our SEO specialists will analyze the current content and create a ToR for writing an updated text taking into account all the necessary components.We have been successfully creating content for leading Ukrainian companies and startups for over 10 years, in particular in the fields of: Fintech; Crypto business; IT (soft, gambling, game development, etc.); E-commerce; B2B company; Consulting; Info & News Sites.
Quality content will help users not only to see your site in the first positions of search engines, but also to make a choice among other offers in favor of your product or service.

How we work on content creation

Creating a ToR:

We analyze the output by the main key request of the promoted page, collect key requests, word forms, and low-frequency requests; We check TOP-5(7) according to the main key request, we collect semantics according to competitors' data;Download key requests from Google Search Console; We are cleaning up the long list of received key requests; We cluster the semantics of the page (according to Hard accuracy 4-6) – that is, we collect exactly those requests for which the page with the content will be exactly displayed in the output; We check the density of the main key requests on competitors using the Contado service, and collect the key queries that need to be added; Using the KGR method, we identify the most frequent and less competitive key requests; We analyze the key requests that are triggered in featured snippets;Based on the collected data, we form a ToR according to the sample.

Work on content writing:

We send the ToR to a copywriter who has 3+ years of experience working with content on a given topic; The content editor accompanies and controls the entire process of working on the text; The content editor finally checks the text for compliance with the TOR, grammar, and style; We send the finished content to you; If necessary, you can add comments and clarifications, we will edit the text and provide you with the final version.

You can expect to receive ready-to-post content within 2-4 working days after submitting an application and making payment.If you need content created in less common languages ​​(e.g., Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, etc.), it can take up to 7 working days.

Tariffs and cost

Creating terms of reference*


Number of ToRs
1 - 5


Cost, USD / One ToR


Number of ToRs
6 - 10


Cost, USD / One ToR


Number of ToRs
11 - 20+


Cost, USD / One ToR

Content writing:*


Languages: Ukrainian / Russian


Price per 1000 words, USD


Languages: English / German


Price per 1000 words, USD


Other languages


Price per 1000 words, USD

*we work on 100% prepayment; for orders over $2,500, payment in installments is possible

Our customers


Benefits of working with us


Experts and quality

Our teams are consist of SEO specialists with 5+ years of experience and copywriters with 3+ years of experience

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You will receive even the most complex text in 7 working days after making payment (this is the longest period of work), usually the turn around time is 3-4 working days

Result guarantee

You can provide additions and comments on the received text, which will be taken into account (if it does not violate the requirements of the ToR)


Questions and answers

  • What is SEO content?

    This is content (text) created to increase indexing (rating) in search engines, for example, Google, as well as to attract organic traffic to your site. The requirements for this type of content are go beyond just the presence of keywords, but also their correct clustering, placement in the text itself, and the structural construction of the text as a whole.

  • Why do you need to write a text according to the ToR?

    In the terms of reference, the SEO specialist specifies all the necessary requirements for the text, so that your site is better indexed and shown to users in the top positions of the search results. Of course, the text itself may be informative and cover the necessary topic even without the ToR, but in the vast majority of cases, a web page with such text is much worse indexed by search engines and, accordingly, does not reach the top positions on the first page of Google search.

  • Is it possible to order a text writing service without a ToR?

    If you already have a writing brief, then of course we will prepare the text accordingly, and you won't have to pay to create a brief with us. At the same time, we cannot give a guarantee that such a text will meet all the necessary requirements and will be well indexed by search engines.

  • Is it possible to order ToRs if you have your own copywriter?

    Yes of course! It is a very common practice when clients have their own full-time copywriters, but does not have an SEO specialist. In this case, we create ToR for all the necessary pages of the site and hand it over to your copywriters. At the same time, we strongly recommend ordering an SEO audit from us from time to time in order to check the uniqueness of the content according to SEO parameters and, if necessary, to optimize the pages from both the content and technical side. All this will contribute for increasing positions in search results.

  • What does the cost of content writing depend on?

    We use the common world practice of relying on the number of words written. Accordingly, the payment is formed in the equivalent of up to 1000 written words. Depending on the commoness of the language the content, the cost can vary. It is also important to note that our team of copywriters consists of native speakers - this helps a lot in creating correct and lively content that will not seem strange or artificial to users from different countries who visit your site. Texts written by native speakers are always more organic and inspire more trust, and therefore the probability of conversion on the site increases.

  • Can I order a general SEO promotion service from you?

    Yes, because it is one of our main services. You can learn more about it here.


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